Presentations, Speeches & Briefings


Iran’s Conventional Missile Program

The Future of US-Saudi Bilateral Relations

The UAE-Australia Strategic Partnership

Role of Extra-Regional Powers in Gulf Security

Gulf Security

Bahrain, US Policy, and the Future of the Fifth Fleet

ISIS Simulations

Red Teaming in the US Government

Missile Defense in the Gulf

The Future of Iran’s Sponsorship of Terrorism after the Lifting of Sanctions

Iran’s Regional Role after the Nuclear Deal

Future US Defense Strategy and Force Posture in the Gulf

Changing’s America’s Security Strategy for the Middle East

Defense Industrialization in Saudi Arabia and the UAE

Missile Defense in the Middle East

Iraq’s Political Crisis and the Threat of ISIS

Hezbollah After Assad

The Arab Uprising and the Future of the Middle East

Hezbollah, Militant Psychology, and the US Withdrawal from Iraq

The Middle East and the Arab Awakening

The Arab Uprising and the Future of Arms Control in the Middle East

Chemical weapons in Syria and nonproliferation in the Middle East

Syria’s Future; The Next War between Hizb’allah and Israel

A WMD-Free Zone in the Middle East; The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Lebanese politics; Sunni Extremism in Lebanon

Al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia; Al Qaeda in the Levant

Al Qaeda in Lebanon; Terrorism in and from the Middle East

Global Terrorist Responses

The Future of Terrorism; Career Building in Public Policy

War Preparations of Hizb’allah and Israel

The Future of Palestinian Militancy in Lebanon;